About Us

Welcome to Savegrabber.com, the ultimate comparison shopping engine.

Savegrabber.com was created with a simple premise in mind...

"Empowering shoppers to make educated buying decisions through trustworthy merchants".

Founded in 1998, Savegrabber.com was one of the first comparison shopping sites to launch on the Web, and was developed through a combination of proprietary technology, meta search and product linking.

Savegrabber.com doesn't sell anything and it's not a generic search engine. Instead of simply listing the names of every store on the Web, you will also find pricing information, tax rates, shipping costs, estimated delivery times and much more. You can turn to Savegrabber.com whenever you need shopping recommendations, rebate information, credible feedback on a merchant, product details, or information on the lowest prices for a product.

We highly recommend downloading our mobile app with BarCode scan.  This allows shoppers to scan the UPC BarCode of products while in store and compare it to what other retailers are selling the product for.  You can then ask the store to price match it or even choose to buy it directly through your mobile device... now that you know where to find it.  With this gadget handy, rest assured you will always be empowered to make an educated shopping decision.

With technology constantly evolving, we at Savegrabber.com strive to stay on top of things.  If for any reason, you were unable to find a product or if your "stay" at Savegrabber.com was unsatisfactory, we would love to hear from you.  Even if your stay was great, we'd love to hear from you.  Feel free to reach us anytime at feedback@Savegrabber.com or use our Contact Us Form.


The Savegrabber.com Team